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We Print Things Big and Small To Help You Be Successful

Your success is important to us! Customers trust 2 Friends Printing to make them look good and that's how we measure our success... by how well our customers do. Big jobs, little jobs, business or personal jobs... the purpose of every job we print is to make you look good.

The business card you hand to someone, the sales report you share with management, the brochure you lay in front of your prospective client, the signage that tells your company story...we want that person to call you, for management to see your hard work, for that customer to place an order, for that visitor to fall in love with your story. We're 2 Friends Printing and our mission is helping customers like you be successful!

Whether you need business cards or banners, wedding invitations or catalogs, you can depend on 2 Friends Printing to make you look good.

Try us on your next print job and see the difference a printer that cares about your success can make!



32pg, 8.5x11 Self Cover, Saddle Stitched, Full Color Magazine

“The magazine was fantastic! Thank you so much, we look forward to working together in the future.”

Kansas State University

“We always strive to make our customers look great and exceed their expectations. From design to delivery, we are proud to put our name on every piece of work we produce.”

Eric Amundson and Dan Riley - Company Owners

Digital Printing Vs Offset Printing - Which Method Is Right For Your Job?

We offer both offset printing and digital printing services and customers often ask us which one is right for their job. Here are some factors that can help you decide whether digital printing or offset printing is the right choice for your needs.

Ideal Offset Printing Jobs Ideal Digital Printing Jobs
BW quantities > 50,000 BW quantities < 50,000
Color quantities > 2500 Color quantities < 2500
Textured or unique papers Smooth papers
Special inks and varnishes Quick turnaround
Items like letterhead that will be ran thru a laser printer Variable data

Multipage booklets and documents

A general rule of thumb is smaller, quick turn jobs are typically cheaper to run on a digital press. For larger runs, jobs requiring specific ink colors or unique papers, or where image quality is the top priority, offset printing will typically be a better solution.

Our sales team would be happy to explore options with you for your next print job. You can call us at (913) 492-1500 or request an estimate here.


Dan Riley - Co-Owner, Printing Services Inc

What Can We Print For You?

Give us a call and tell us how we can help your next print project be a success!

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